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About Us!


As a youth, 10 years old, I can remember being the different kid. As I grew, I never seemed to lose my imagination, when my brothers and sisters would be out and about, I would have my head in a game book. I could also be found writing stories and telling them to my friends on Friday nights through Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire the Masquerade. Meanwhile, much of the town would be at the local football game or galivanting in the nearest city of Mount Vernon Ohio.

My group of friends was very entertaining, but I could not help but wonder what other games, stories, and discussions were taking place elsewhere. I grew up without streaming and the ability to quickly find new groups to meet up with and play new and exciting games with. As I grew older, I met more people to play with, but it still seemed as though we had slim pickings in the way of gaming suppliers in our area. Of course, we could always get copies of the rule books, but in rural Ohio, dice and miniatures were a tougher thing to come by, and when we could find them, they were very expensive.


In my later years, now 38, I have a stable gaming community I GM for and over the years I have built up a great deal of convention friends and friends of friends to satiate my thirst for intellectualism in the world of gaming, as long as I continue my path, I am ok. However, I still feel like I am here to help others with the issues I encountered as a youth.

In 2012 I created a Facebook page that began to gather the attention of many friends and their friends as well. This grew into a community of gamers that got together for one shot campaigns and longer. The club would grow and, we would find ourselves meeting regularly throughout the months.

We began to record our sessions and the Tales of Agrosia was born. We have plenty of guest characters and folks from all walks of life that join us and help us tell our stories. We are a community that shows respect in all fashions and does not Tolerate Hate in any form.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Ohio Gaming Alliance is to take what we know about teaching, gaming, community building, and artistic expression and put it to use in building a network of gamers, with an affordable means of gaming and gathering to express oneself and have fun.


Our sights are set on providing the best gaming experience that can be offered as well as building a community where all players can thrive and experience gaming in a way that they are comfortable with. We look to seeing a healthier gaming environment in the future, one of understanding and sister/brotherhood.

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