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Response To OGL

Updated: Feb 14

We at Ohio Gaming Alliance have been watching with great anticipation the outcome of Wizards of the Coast's decision on the Open Gaming License. While we are delighted that the gaming community rolled initiative and successfully turned Wizards of the Coast's decision around to maintaining the OGL and putting the SRD into the creative commons.

We still feel that same hurtful feeling that the community, that had been built around Dungeons and Dragons, felt when Wizards of the Coast first announced that terrible decision.

Therefore we have decided that our games will continue on the gaming system that the hosting Game Master chooses.

Current games:

Tales of Agrosia, Phoenix Franchise, and Knights of Vorash are 5E and hosted by Joseph McGregor.

Birthright is 5E and hosted by Mike Melvin

Fallout is the 2 D20 system by Modiphius and hosted by Joseph McGregor

Realm of Worlds will be Pathfinder by Paizo and is hosted by Frank Civitarese

Another system we will be considering is the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games.

We look forward to gaming with you at our table or online in any format and we await to see what the new Open Role-playing Creative License will have in store for all creators.

As always we will keep our eye on the gaming community and it is your support helps keep our stories going.

Peace, Love, And Gaming From Ohio Gaming Alliance.

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